Blog: "A Day in the Life of a Composer"


This is a new venture to create a diary of my creative process as a composer...

The idea comes out of yesterday's meeting of a forum of PhD student composers at Bath Spa University lead by Professor James Saunders, who is also my PhD supervisor. It was suggested that all of us present, in person or via Skype, should create an online record of our creative processes for the next few weeks. So this is my attempt!

I will try to make this a daily record of what I'm up to - warts and all - and see where it takes me.

If anyone out there in the blogosphere is reading this, please get in touch, as I would be fascinated to get your reactions and comments - not to mention suggestions, advice, abuse, etc...

Today I will just be setting this up, and starting in earnest tomorrow, with an introduction and outline of what I'm up to, musically speaking.