We're an acoustic swing trio of guitar, fiddle and double bass, based in the Bath/Wiltshire area. We play good-time, swingy, jazzy, folky stuff. One minute you are in the 1930s with an old Ellington, Fletcher Henderson or Stuff Smith close-harmony number and then you are listening to a Bob Wills Western swing fiddle tune or a TV theme tune or an original folk tune (there may have been a Tom Waits' song squeezed in between)!

If you are thinking of booking Dr Zebo's Wheezy Club we promise an enjoyable, hassle-free evening (or afternoon) of great, foot-tapping music - fantastic in a pub, brilliant at a wedding reception, ideal at a garden-party, birthday do, club, festival, fete, function.....untried at a Tupperware party (but game).

The members are:
Simon Taylor, guitar, vocals
Mike Fossett, fiddle, vocals
Ralf Dorrell, double bass

The mp3 version of "Painting the Clouds With Sunshine", our new album is now available on our website DRZEBO.COM Price £5. That's not even a pint and a half! Painting The Clouds With Sunshine

"one of the best acts that we have ever had..." Phil Deverall - Bradford on Avon Folk Club organiser

“They came to the Westbury Festival last night. Musically very talented, incredible playing with amazing arrangements of tunes from all eras but anchored in 1920s & 30s. Musical styles from all over (often in the same piece!). Hugely entertaining with plenty of very funny "heckling" of each other and the audience. Three guys who just light up a room. Can't recommend them highly enough. [They really seem to enjoy being very good at what they do which is infectious - or they have worked out how to fake it so well that they had a delighted audience completely fooled!]" - Ian Cunningham - Chair Westbury Festival

STYLE..... sort of Hot Club meets Western Swing in Ireland (plus a few original tunes!)...