Snappersnipes is a New Jazz Quartet featuring the compositions of bass player Ralf Dorrell.

In Japan, sixtieth birthdays are celebrated as kanreki, when one cycle of life is at an end and another is about to begin. Ralf was sixty in 2019 and has decided that this next period of his life should be focussed on composing and performing rather than teaching music. Following 35 years of leading jazz workshops and 7 years of running the jazz degree courses and big bands at Bath Spa University, the year 2019 also coincided with the successful completion of his PhD in Jazz Composition. After a long period of planning and careful consideration, he hand-picked the players to create this new band to bring his new compositions to life. For further information please go to



This six-track EP is available on several streaming services (Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, etc). 

As a sneak preview, you can either listen to the track below Lita's Waltz or the music for the video on the jazz composer page, Lost in Frome...

Link to Lita's Waltz on Spotify: