Electronic and Installation

Ralf has been interested in the possibilites of electronic sound (usually in combination with conventional instruments or voices) since he first encountered an electronic music studio at Sheffield University in the late 1970's.

His major work using electronic sound is "Ten Steps" for solo percussionist and backing track (written as the final project of his masters degree in composition) and this has had performances by both Simon Limbrick and Ben Vlemincxk.

"Stars" came out of a multidisciplinary arts project for children from Frome schools organised by the Jackdaws Music Education Trust. It is the soundtrack for an installation featuring art work and poetry created by children working with a visual artist and a poet during the Arts Week. All of the sounds (apart from the piano which is played by Ralf) are created by the children and later manipulated electronically using a laptop and music software.

The Last Pipistrelle (2020) - This electroacoustic work features recordings of pipistrelle bats slowed down considerably to allow them to be heard in detail. These are placed against a backing of treated string and piano samples. The piece was written as part of a wider project in support of Sustainable Warminster's bat conservation work.

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