Over the last 30 years, Ralf has lead many jazz groups which have featured his original compositions - Waiting for Stanley, Surprise and 10,000 Things being the most well-known.

Starting in 2010 he studied for a PhD in (Jazz) Composition concentrating on writing new works for big band. He completed his doctorate in Sept 2017. This is the latest step in a career of writing for large and small jazz ensembles, usually those in which he has also played - Bullitt (lead by Will Menter), Canoe (lead by the late Keith Tippett) and Ultrasound (a collective of jazz musicians from around the South-West of England).  His Matthew Variations can be found on the Ultrasound CD North Utsire, South Utsire that was commissioned by the Bristol Festival of the Sea.

The video above is a performance of his composition Lost in Frome performed by his latest group, Snappersnipes. This Anglo-Welsh quartet is made up of Gethin Liddington (trumpet), Guy Shotton (piano), Rob Brian (drums) and Ralf (bass), and is a vehicle for his original compositions. For more information, please go to https://snappersnipes.com/about

To hear the Snappersnipes demo album please use this spotify link: Snappersnipes demo album

The album is also available on many other streaming services - iTunes, Apple Music, etc...