A busy Summer just going and an Autumn of work coming up...

This Summer has been a busy one with various musical projects happening. The highlight was recording the first CD with Dr. Zebo's Wheezy Club in August, but time was also spent playing with Graham Dent either in a trio with Rob Brian or various jazz singers. This group also has a CD recording projected for the near future. The Bath Community Big Band has also rehearsed every week over the summer.

I have invested in Logic software and have bought various microphones and interfaces to create a small home composing studio. A lot of time has been spent trying to learn my way around the complex software this Summer. Tricky, but great fun. Also good to actually get down to some composing (rather than just writing about it) now that the PhD is submitted. Just the viva exam to deal with in September...

With the start of term looming, my upcoming weekly timetable looks like:

Monday - Kingswood School, Bath and St Laurence School, Bradford on Avon (both instrumental teaching) - Monday evening - Jazz Factory at Wiltshire Music Centre.

Tuesday - Bath College (lecturing on a pop course) - Tuesday evening - Jazz gigs with Graham Dent Trio and Duo.

Wednesday - Corsham School and Malmesbury School (both instrumental teaching) - Wednesday evening - Bath Community Big Band rehearsal, Bath Spa University 

Thursday - afternoon and evening - Bath College (lecturing on a pop course - at A-level equivalent and degree level)

This year I have added more hours (including some degree level evening lecturing) at Bath College and a new school - Malmesbury - to my weekly work load. The timetable above isn't completely finalised yet, but it looks likely at the moment.

I'm shortly off to Shrewsbury Folk Festival (as a punter, not performer) for a few days of relaxation before this timetable all starts up in September. The end of the Summer!