The effect of Covid-19

Obviously, the global Covid-19 pandemic has had a major effect on my work as a musician. 

This has affected both my work as a performer - as 100% of gigs have been cancelled and many venues have closed (temporarily or permanently) - and also as a community musician. When only groups of no more than 6 people are allowed to meet indoors, running a community big band of 30+ players is not possible. This is even more impossible when taking into account the fact that being in a room with brass and woodwind players is as serious a cause of infection spreading as being in a room full of coughing people. As of today, I have not rehearsed or performed in public for just over seven months. All of the things that were meant to happen since the middle of March 2020 (see events section) and a European Tour with College students have been cancelled, and no new events have been booked in their place.

My work as a college music teacher has continued in term-time but all teaching is now online, teaching from home, and this newly revamped timetable has resulted in a drop in teaching hours this academic year. As a part-time hourly-paid teacher this has hit my monthly pay-check hard.

But, I have been working hard on many other aspects of this job and this is the subject of my new Vlog Musician at Work.

I am also expanding my business teaching online one-to-one lessons covering various areas of music and musical skills.

Please investigate both of these new areas of this website... I welcome enquiries and comments.


Stay safe.